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Barbara Walters is known not to hold back when she has something to say about someone. Walters truly does not care who the person is and if she might be offending them, she will say what she wants and when she wants. Walters has been in the interviewing business for 51 years and doesn’t plan on retiring or slowing down. She is a strong 82 year old woman and plans to keep doing what she does best.

The most recent victim was no other than the 86 year old Queen of England. Yes, Walters verbally attacked Queen Elizabeth II for her skit at the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games. Walters was talking a lot of crap about how the Queen of England needs basically a face lift and that the Queen pretty much needs to learn how to be a happier person. On The View, Walters did give the Queen some credit about her skit saying that it was “funny,” but that she is still pretty much a miserable person.

Walters went on to say, “Let me tell you my thing with the Queen. This is a woman who does not know how to smileā€¦ It’s such a sour face.” This statement is kind of true. From all the photos I have ever seen of the Queen she has a real mean mug on and looks completely miserable.
The topic change from her facial expressions to the Queen’s wardrobe and how she is pretty much dressing back in the 19th century. This is also a fact. I am sure the Queen doesn’t give two shits about how she dresses as she is old as balls right now. Walters went on to say, “She is 86, but she dresses like something out of the 19th century. The pink dress with the pink plume, but then the black gloves and the black bag – what does the Queen keep in that bag anyway? She never changes.”

I absolutely love how Walters doesn’t hold back anything and speaks what she thinks. People have respected Walters for years and she has interviewed many celebrities. It would be funny if she could interview the Queen and to see how these two engage. I wonder if the Queen has heard the comments that Walters as made about her.